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Using ground water as the heat source, heat pumps reach their highest COPs. Ground water has a more or less constant temperature between 8 and 12°C throughout the year.

Thus, the temperature level, compared with other heat sources, must be raised less in order to be used for heating purposes.
The use of ground water as heat source for the heat pump must be approved by the water authority. When applying for a permit, the well-driller, the drilling company or your OCHSNER system partner will be glad to be of assistance.
Several prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to be able to use ground water as a heat source:

  • Sufficient quantities of water
  • Water quality (analysis)
  • Approval by the water authority
  • Source and sink wells


OCHSNER offers a special series on the basis of shell-andtube heat exchangers for additionally increased insensitivity
to the heat source water.
This offers, due to
• special resilient materials
• an improved corrosion resistance due to thicker walls
• increased insensitivity to pollution due to floating particles in the ground water

even more efficiency and operational safety for the operator.

All heat pumps of the GMWW Series are equipped with the OTE interior climate manager for highest comfort, maximum efficiency and highest operational safety.

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