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Kingspan offers a selection of frames to hold the collector at the proper angle. All Kingspan frames are made from extruded aluminum supports and stainless steel hardware for the ultimate durability. Frames are supplied partially assembled with all clips in the correct locations and legs bolted together, facilitating fast and accurate installation.
Mounting the frame to the roof is another area that requires particular attention. The mount will depend on the type of roof and exactly how the collectors are to be mounted. Kingspan Solar offers a wide variety of mounting hardware and provides the experience to select the correct system for the application.
From asphalt shingle, to tile, to EPDM, we can help you choose the correct mounting hardware for the application.
The connections at the end of the manifold use a redundant double o-ring seal to allow for expansion and contraction, if multiple manifolds are connected in series. The connection kit provides the adaptors necessary to adapt this to 3/4” copper pipe at the end of collector banks. Connecting multiple collectors is easy with the interconnection kit. One end of the manifold simply slides into the other and the interconnection kit provides the hardware to properly align these end fittings.

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